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Dry Goods Sharing | Bedroom Lighting Solution
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The bedroom is a private functional area for resting and sleeping. Many people often read and study in the bedroom, using the bedroom as a study. When choosing the lighting and installation location, avoid glare to irritate the eyes. Low illuminance, low color temperature light can play a role in promoting sleep. The color of the light in the bedroom is preferably neutral or warm colors such as orange and light yellow, which will help create a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Dry Goods Sharing | Bedroom Lighting Solution

1. The overall lighting of the bedroom

It is generally recommended to use chandelier in the bedroom. The decorative effect is relatively strong, and the elegant design effect makes the interior full of romantic atmosphere. If you need to install mosquito nets in the bedroom, you can choose a semi-ceiling lamp, lighting up and down, the lighting is soft and more layered.

2. Bedroom bedside lighting

It is a common way to place a table lamp on the bedside table. Many people are used to reading by the bedside, so the table lamp is often indispensable. If both of them like to read, you can put a pair of the same lamp on the two bedside tables. Sex has practical value. However, some bedrooms are not large in size, and there is no room to put the bedside table or the bedside table is originally small. If another table lamp will take up a lot of space, you can replace the table lamp with a floor lamp or a small chandelier. The effect is also very good.

3. Bedroom decorative lighting

The clever use of floor lamps, wall lamps and even small chandeliers in the bedroom can better create the atmosphere of the bedroom. For example, many bedrooms will have decorative backgrounds on the bedside walls. A pair of wall lamps can be installed on both sides of the background to enhance the atmosphere. Larger bedrooms can be equipped with a chaise longue and a floor lamp or a small chandelier beside the chaise longue. You can read books and create an atmosphere.

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