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Dry goods sharing | Kitchen and bathroom lighting solutions
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Kitchen lighting solutions

Kitchen lighting is based on the nature of work, it is recommended to use daylight lighting. The location for installing the lighting should be as far away as possible from the stove, avoid steam and oil fume, and use a safety socket. The shape of the lamp should be as simple as possible to facilitate wiping. Generally, it is better to use a high color rendering index light source that can maintain the original colors of vegetables and fruits. This not only enables the dishes to play an appetizing color, but also helps users have a higher discrimination when washing.

Bathroom lighting solutions

The bathroom is dominated by soft light, the illumination is not high, but the light is uniform and easy to clean. Bathrooms are generally narrow and small, and it is easy to have some places that cannot be covered by lights. In addition to the slippery floor, there are many examples of accidents. Therefore, in addition to the main light, it is necessary to add some auxiliary lights, such as mirrors. Front lights, wall lights. However, the bathroom should not be too bright, otherwise it will make people feel insecure, especially when bathing, a softer light can make people relax.

Dry goods sharing | Kitchen and bathroom lighting solutions

Under normal circumstances, if there are not too many requirements for the light in the area in front of the mirror, then you can consider installing wall lights on the left and right sides of the mirror. If conditions permit, you can also install a chandelier or three-head mirror front light in front of the mirror, so that the light can be directly directed to the mirror. But at the same time, it is necessary to ensure the softness of the illumination light, otherwise it will easily cause glare.

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