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Why are American lamps so popular?
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American lighting, a kind of free life pursuit, a kind of intellectual leisurely life state, without losing softness in roughness, and without simplicity in complexity, let you enjoy the elegant "slow life".

Why are American lamps so popular?

We are often shocked by the scenes presented in American dramas, attracted by the life depicted in them, and chasing after the hot "American trend".

With the influence of Hollywood movies, American dramas and other film and television cultures on modern people, American-style lamps have become more and more popular in the market. While achieving localization, American-style lamps have also derived many different styles. And the simple American style lamps that combine modern, simple and traditional American style are quite popular among them.

Why are American lamps so popular?


Why are American lamps so popular?

Most people feel that American lamps are simple, stylish, full and comfortable. Indeed, comfort is the first element of American lamps.

It can be said that Americans are the most "lazy" people in the world, but they are also the most enjoyable people in the world. When they return home, they will forget all their jobs, change into casual clothes, lie down on the sofa at will, grab a newspaper, drink a cup of coffee, watch TV, dine with their family, and return to a natural life.

Although the style of American lamps is not as dazzling as crystal lamps, and there is no cumbersome carvings of European lamps, the combination of American lamps and American furniture adds more comfort and relaxation to the home environment.


Why are American lamps so popular?

The United States is an immigrant country, its immigrants come from European countries, and its furniture also incorporates elements of various countries.

The basis of American lamps is the lifestyle brought by immigrants from various countries in the late European Renaissance. Therefore, American lamps are not only stylish and simple, American pastoral, traditional classics and multiple categories.


Why are American lamps so popular?

Good American lamps are generally more exquisite in workmanship and have guaranteed safety performance. The lighting is hygienic and easy to clean. A good American-style lamp can even be used for decades. The grandfather used it and passed it to his father, and the father used it to his son.

In an American family, if you have a lighting fixture that your grandmother used, it will definitely be placed in the most eye-catching position at home. This is a kind of pride for Americans.

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Why are American lamps so popular?

Nowadays, the family has become a private space of oneself, gatherings, negotiations, etc. are mostly completed in outside hotels or leisure bars. In their own home environment, the owner fully demonstrates the living environment he wants and likes.

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