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Where is the road to American lamp innovation
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Today's world is changing rapidly, and the only thing that will never change is "change." In response to changes, only continuous innovation can the industry seek long-term development. The current era is the era of knowledge economy, network economy, and information economy, and seeking development through innovation has become the only way for the development of an industry.

The root of American lamps lies in American culture

When it comes to American lamps, we have to mention American culture. As we all know, the United States is a typical colonial country as well as a country of new immigrants. Its history that can be reproduced is only two to three hundred years. From the 16th to the 18th century, Western European countries invaded North America one after another. The French established New France, the Spanish established New Spain, the British established their first colonial stronghold in 1607, Jamestown, and 13 more colonies have been established on the Atlantic coast since then. The United States was born under this historical background. The people who arrived in the colonies were part of the working people of Western Europe, part of the nobles, landlords, and bourgeoisie, and some were evasion of war and religious persecution, as well as blacks trafficked from Africa. Wait. These people also brought the culture, history, architecture, art and living habits of different countries and regions in the process of immigration. Over time, these different cultures, different customs and customs began to absorb and merge with each other. This produces a unique culture that distinguishes other regions of the world. Among them, the United States is representative.

American lamps and lanterns are also deeply influenced by this culture. Many American lamps and furniture can see the profound historical epitome of Western culture. Americans have inherited the essence of these European cultures, and incorporated their own cultural characteristics, thus deriving distinctive American lamps. Most people's first intuitive impression of American lamps is that they are bulky, comfortable and concise. Indeed, comfort and simplicity are the first elements of American lamps. In addition, the easy-to-access side of American lamps lies in their practicality. American manufacturers will professionally divide American lamps into living room, dining room, bedroom, study, kitchen, bathroom and other use spaces, and subdivide them according to consumer class and living type. The division is clear, and the pieces are compactly connected with modern life, and they are comprehensive. Consumers can always choose the American lamps that best suit their needs. American lamps include antique and neo-classical American lamps, unique country styles, and simple, life-style American lamps.

Americans can be said to be "lazy" people, but they are also people who enjoy life very much. Every weekend, they forget all the work pressure of the past week, open their homes, return home, and change into casual clothes. Lie down on the sofa, grab a newspaper, drink a cup of coffee, watch TV, have a meal with your family, and completely return to the natural life. Therefore, the casualness and comfort of American lamps are its biggest characteristics, unlike European lamps. Emphasize its fancy, it feels like a real home, not the feeling of returning to a five-star hotel or an office, so American lamps will be more comfortable, and people will feel comfortable and casual when they see it.

Where is the road to American lamp innovation

Traditional American style and small American style complement each other

We often mention antique American lamps. Traditional American lamps are based on the way of life brought by immigrants from various countries in the late European Renaissance. It is a nostalgic sentiment towards Europe, and it is a civilian variant of European royal furniture. With the rise of the emerging bourgeoisie in the Americas, they are not completely reborn, but have made a choice of European classical culture, which is embodied in American lamps, simplifying the decorations that symbolize rights and paying more attention to practicality. Just like the American-style lamps we see now, the outline and shape are also derived from European-style furniture, architecture, etc. It will not have a large area of carving and excessive decoration, and it is more comfortable to use. It can be said to be the inheritance of style, appreciation and comfort.

Traditional American lamps tend to be more enduring than those furniture that bring strong visual impact, the design style is more tolerant, the use is more practical and comfortable, and it feels closer to nature, so it feels more cordial.

Since the United States is an immigrant country, its immigrants have come to various European countries. American lamps also contain elements of various European countries, including British classic Queen Anne style, modern British mission elements, and French Louis XIV baroque style. The rococo style of Louis XV, the neoclassical style of Louis XVI, and the elements of Germany, Italy, and Spain. Therefore, these elements are finally integrated in the United States.

The basis of traditional American lamps is the lifestyle brought by the immigrants of various countries in the late European Renaissance. It simplified the cultures of Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Egypt and other countries, and combined function and decoration. We all know Most Europeans pay attention to the lofty style, like European buildings, magnificent, inlaid with gold and silver, and only the royal family can afford to use it, then American lamps will make such a royal style civilian.

Under the general trend of simplification of decoration styles, a new trend has emerged in the field of American lamps, that is, small American lamps that have become popular in recent years. Small American lamps are different from classical pure American lamps. They are aimed at small-space home styles. Their mix-and-match function completely removes space restrictions, allowing consumers who choose small-sized households to experience pure American life. Due to space constraints, more and more More young people choose small American style.

Small American style, also known as modern American style, is a modern and simple version of American style, and even mixes and matches various styles to reflect individual decoration style. In the contemporary society of individuality, everyone pursues personalization in their consumption and does not blindly imitate others. Everything must be based on personal preferences. "I like it" is an important principle.

The color and shape of the small American-style lamps combine industrial technology and design originality, oriented by comfortable function, combining classical modeling with modern lines, ergonomics and decorative art furniture styles, fully showing the natural and rustic characteristics .

The small American furniture in the same vein is different from the large pure American furniture. It is aimed at the small space home style. Its mix and match function completely removes the space restrictions, so that consumers who choose small-sized families can also experience the pure American life. Restrictions, more and more young people choose small American style.

Where is the road to American lamp innovation

American lamps have been accumulated for a long time, where is the way of pure American innovation

Now, the prosperity of the American lamp field is self-evident. There are currently less than 15 American lamp manufacturers that can open specialty stores. Among them, Lamex·Effitte, Catherine, Missu, Saint Gabriel and other brands are able to open More than 10 outstanding brands in specialty stores.

Although there are many manufacturers in the American lamp industry, there are not many manufacturers with the original level, and even fewer companies with the continuous original level. Therefore, most American lamp companies are in the stage of plagiarism and imitation. Excellent manufacturers do not produce new products, they will never produce new products. Such companies rely on plagiarism and imitation on the one hand to win, on the other hand they rely on price wars to win. They can sometimes live more moisturized phases, but they can't make great progress, and even face lawsuits at any time.

Some powerful manufacturers with a wide product line rush into the American lamp industry, and most of them cannot avoid this embarrassment. After all, American lamps are still a relatively professional category.

At present, many American lamp companies have begun to rely on traditional technology accumulation, production strength precipitation, channel accumulation to maintain their survival. In the era when light luxury is prevalent, some companies have begun to develop light luxury style products, or combine the popular new Chinese style to carry out fusion innovation, but the innovation in the deep exploration of pure American culture is not the innovation based on pure American elements. Many, blindly introducing foreign elements, can American lamps be called American lamps?

Where is the innovation path of the American lamp industry? It is worth thinking about many enterprises in the industry.

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